R & D center

Research and Development

Chiranjeevi Reddy Institute of Engineering and Technology has promoted meaningful Research and Development activities with a vision and mission to pursue and promote Research in Frontier Technologies. In order to strengthen and expand the research activities in the institute, R&D cell was established and is functioning in this Institution from last several years. It is acting as the nodal centre for all Research related activities.

Objectives of R & D Cell

  • To develop research skills among the faculty and students

  • to promote and to encourage the aspiring students and faculty members to carry out research in the field of science, engineering and technology by providing necessary facilities and infrastructures required for them

  •  To create zeal among the students towards research and innovation

  •  To work closely with the industrial needs that eventually will result in new or improved products, processes, systems or services that can increase the company's productivity

  •  Innovative business activity creating added value in the global economy

  •  Innovation-friendly society aimed at long-term development

  •  To have Periodical interactive session with entrepreneurs/industrialists

  •  To enhance skill development training and self employment opportunities

  •  To serve government by taking up sponsored projects

  •  To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities for our students and to organize talent show, in-house exhibition, business stall, etc.

Functions of R & D Cell

  •  To ensure smooth functioning and effective Management of R&D at the institution.

  •  To provide a focal point in the institution to co-ordinate R&D activities between various departments, faculty members and research students of the respective institution.

  •  To identify potential projects/sources of funds, and to communicate the same to HQ NUST.

  • To establish collaboration with other universities, research centers, and industries with information to HQ NUST on research and development projects.

  •  To liaise with public and private sectors and identify R&D projects including consultancy services which could be undertaken at their institution on payment basis.

  •  Implementation, follow-up, progress and monitoring of on-going projects.

  •  To assist in matters related to collaborative research with other agencies.

The Research and Development cell of the College is working on the following research disciplines.

  •  Mechanical Engineering

  •  Electronics & Communication Engineering

  •  Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  •  Computer Science and Engineering

  •  MBA

  •  Civil Engineering

  •  Mathematics

  •  Chemistry

  •  Physics

  •  English


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